Aichun Beauty Armpit Whitening Cream

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  • Condition: New
  • 100% Safe Product
  • Rich in natural plant whitening essence
  • Effective decomposition desalination armpits and inner thighs precipitated melanin
  • The rapid improvement and underarm whitening yellowish skin
  • Moisturizing ingredients make the skin more moist whitening.
  • It contains proven natural ingredients with fruity extracts as lemon ,mulberry apple extracts 
  • It contains no bleach or harmful ingredients.
  • Breathable recipe
  • Fresh and not greasy
  • Non-irritating smell fresh.
  • Package Includes 1x

Use: Apply the product on your armpits, massage absorbed.Use twice daily,your armpit skin will be difference and softer.

Type: All Skin type

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